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Comprehensive Family Dental Clinic In Charleston, WV

Charles Smith DDS welcomes all of the former patients from Smith and Smith Dental to our new location overlooking the Kanawha River. In the new office you will see the familiar faces of Dental Hygienists Melinda Avis, Jovanna Bounds and Jessi Kiddy, Office Manager Patty Johnson, and Dental Assistants Loretta Blake and Penny Dingess. With more than 32 years of local experience, we have built an excellent reputation in the area. Our team of highly trained dental hygienists and assistants is committed to excellence and your comfort.

Whether you are visiting for preventative dentistry, any of our dental procedures, or restorative dentistry, we provide quality care using modern techniques in a safe, healthy environment. We strive for perfection, and settle for nothing less than excellence!
We accept Credit Care and all major credit cards. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or for more information about our services. 304-342-7272.
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